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Give Dhul-Suwayqatayn not an inch of the Sea!
If Somalia looked like Rwanda I would invest and visit more often and overlook the flaws. But the country is hot, arid, and depressing looking. Everything else might pass but that alone makes it enough that I would never move there permanently. Every where else on equator green and tropical except Somalia πŸ˜† we cursed. Even the furthest south land our family has in kismayo is depressing desert not 1 blade of grass whole neighborhood just rocks and sand

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Somalia is more impressive and unlike Rwanda, Somalia also has pristine beaches;








Most of youS come across as if stuck in adrift in a state of crud, and only interested in self rather than sacrificing for the land of your ancestors. Think about the possibilities of the potential gains whilst contributing to its growth. The number of diaspora funded and founded businesses in .So grows by the year, and is heartily encouraging.

But then again, that is just for the few thinkers and risk-takers. The rest shall rot in the dilapidated West.


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Three Moons

Give Dhul-Suwayqatayn not an inch of the Sea!
Somalia is arid desert and majority of areas inhabited by Somalia is as well. I can find green oxitures even from Saudi Arabia but we know it’s desert as well.

Yet Somalia still has nearly 10 times as much forest area as Rwanda, and the latter increased their coverage from 10% to 30% coverage since 2010, they basically tripled it in just 14 years. Instead of giving up on Somalia with doom-posts and attaching maps depicting a reality that was compounded by the deforestation apocalypse of the last 30 years, why not take a page from Rwanda and look for ways to regain the lost coverage and increase it countrywide?