Abu Layth getting attacked by thugs

I’m guessing it’s because he said Palestinians should leave Palestine and be relocated to different parts of the Arab world.

Some people don’t seem to know but Birmingham is a proper Muslim area. You can’t just say stuff like that and expect not to get checked. I don’t condone their actions, especially when he got kids and a wife in the house but I also think he’s a clown for making such a ridiculous and stupid statement.
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The Palestinian plight exposes the hypocrites in our ummah. Wasn't needed in Abu layths case since he openly calls the stories in the Quran fables. But the Arab leaders who allign with the zionist over the Muslims

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@Tamir didn't you just make this thread:

Yasir Qadhi: Those who side with Israel are traitors

so you should agree Abu Layth is a traitor