Abdiwali Gaas orders Police Chief for Bari to smash up spousal bed of cousin of Boqor Burhan

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Ha igu daalinee dantaada raac
What was the purpose of that?

What was even the point ?

Why would a politician be involved in shit like this?
The owner and head of the household was away. They went to his home in Old town of Bosaso and smashed cupboards, beds and other things.

After Omar heard that his home has been violated he asked the Bari Police Commandet Abdihakim what the reason was, he replied that he has a warrant fir him.

Omar then replied that he aided and took in for refuge the said Abdihakim and Abdiwali Gaas after they were given a ultimatum of 24 hours to vacate the city.

He then took some membersnof his clanbto his house and ordered the soldiets off the wall of his property. He then went inside and his wife begged him not to start a fight inside their home.

He adhered and went away with his clansmen. Needless to say they could not do anything to him.
Mokilem do not badmouth the reer Boqor. This people are keepers of tradition and protecters of the land their grandfathers ruled, they make sure we are not short changed.
Lone this guys are reer boqor they will take you to town. His grandfather ruled all the clans in the area and even some beyond.

Abdiwali Gaas's fathers were the servents to the king. Of course he would smile.
Lone the boqor used to rule over the clans they were the government. They took taxes, ruled, imprionsoned and governed the land.

After 1927 they were defeated and that system has been abondoned.
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