A rare bond: Uganda and Somalia brought together by love

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Yuusuf direed Founding Father of Ahlu-naar
Massive Marriage; Oday Somali (Reer Mogadishu,Hiraab Qeybdiid Cousin) ah ku aroosay Gabar Tutsi(Ugandhiis ah)iyo M/weyne Xasan Sheekh oo Arooska hadalo kaftan ah ka jeediyay

President HSM, is garnering Tutsi and Hutu Political supports for His Beesha Haw Post Amisom, My Man is becoming Obama-like:win:

Tutsi are fine B!tches:diddyass:, looks like all those h*tu name calling paid off for Hawiyes, they are finally locking down on those Hutu and Tusti nations.
civilians were raped in front of their families by Museveni’s soldiers, people tortured, buried alive and burnt alive .

No wonder he met aydiid. They both are ruthless savage.



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Cousin marriage in 2017. Reer Muqdisho should keep this as a tradition and intermarry with their west African relatives.
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