A post worthy of the Jeremy Kyle show


Fuck you im from Mudug
Wallahi I rate this nigga @KULTA waa daacad, waryaa Sweedhan ayaa u soo socdaa mirqaanka, sharabkii iyo *****oynka ma diyaar baa????
Dhillooyin hadaan haynilahaa ma anaa somalispot xiligaan fadhinlahaa kkkkk bahasha saan u galiyo maba kasoo saarilaheen wlh
Now we all know this forum is filled with questionable inhabitants , geeljires tricking other thirsty faraaxs into believing they're a Latino with a Somali husband, Balkan laddies and a savage raw meat eater plus a resident jareer. however I was not expecting a weirdo like @KULTA saying shit like this:mindblown:View attachment 53890and now I'm searching for an explanation on this shit:kanyehmm: although if it was consensual I'd like all the vivid details:mjpls:
Are u trying to indirectly come at me by saying latino SAYING shes married to a Somali husband


Shalom goyim
It's been how long and he still hasn't explained alright lads I think we've had enough time @KULTA get ready warya and don't drop the soap

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