A polish man coughed on me


When I went shopping today, I passed by two polish men speaking Polish.They stopped talking and gave me hostile looks.One of them then coughed on the back of my hijab as I walked.My hair feels itchy now.
they probably said hi in their language you should have spit in their faces to greet them back


When Doves Cry
that s why you should spit to show dominance as they will respect you then ps the more colorful and moist the spit is the better
You do know that men can attack me seeing as I'm a woman.Remember they always go after Muslim women.I value my safety.


When Doves Cry
u should've trusted ur creep alarms and took a different route,also get urself oc spray
But the route was leading directly to the supermarket.Like I said before, I'm scared that if i oc spray anti Muslim men, they'll lay their hands on me.


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