A HYPOTHETICAL QUESTION; imagine that we discovered massive oil in Somalia..we all made peace..proper gov...Wld we be harsh on migrant workers?


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NO citizenship to any foreigner who marries a xaliimo to gain our citizenship. Not gonna happen.
If a we want a Somali state based on unity and fairness. We shouldnt take that progress away from our ladies. Let's give them some sort of power if they do choose to marry an ajanabi. The man they marry will automatically become a citizen of our country as long as their marriage doesnt fall apart. The moment they get a divorce, that ajanabi dude loses his citizenship and all those benefits that came with it. Foreign dudes will be begging Xalimos not to divorce them.These are our mothers, our sisters and daughters. If we do find some kinds prosperity let's share it with them too.

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Its not in the Somali dhaaqan to treat foreigners bad. We have a huge superiority complex, but at the same time, have enough compassion to not treat others like dirt. I do wish that Somalis were more united. We have the recipe for being the supernation of Africa: homogenous people, same language and religion. Laakin we're obsessed with qabil. Until thats eradicated, or we get a dictator, I don't see much hope for Somalia.


Immigration comes with wealth. Even the west couldn't beat it. You either be harsh like North Korea and saudi Arabia or end up with an eventual change in demographics like in Brazil and soon to be the west.

Me personally I don't mind immigration. But which qabil will give up their land and resources to feed competitors?

We are savage and backwards unlike the generous free mason west.



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I think I would be... I can’t imagine allowing hordes of Kenyan establishing “little Nairobi” in all our cities.

The purity of the Somali nation would be under threat like Britain is today.

I think I’d have it like Singapore, any migrant worker must be a single men or women. No bringing of family and contract must be renewed every 3 years.

The path to CITIZENSHIP must be strict...ONLY foreign women with a SOMALI Husband will be given citizenship.

@Grigori Rasputin i support u 100%


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