A guy commits suicide days to his wedding in Berbera

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Garaad Darawiish

Astra incliant sed non obligant

I was thinking of marrying a xaalimo from back home( turns out the ones in Somalia are also wack):bell:

Well, plenty of fish in the sea, :win: Latinos, Habashas, cadaans :whew:


Ha igu daalinee dantaada raac
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The story doesnt add up

Why would he kill himself just because she wants to live somewhere else?

Somethings aint worth Killing urself over this is one of those

Malcolm X

The price of freedom is death

I hope Allah gives him a mercy. Emotional blackmail has caused too many deaths already

There has to be something more to this story
A lot of people died via emotional blackmail

It's not really surprising if there isn't anything more to this story
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