A couple in MN keep giving food 2 cadaans bc they want 2 accepted. What a waste !

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There is so much wrong with this situation. I can't be bothered to point it out :mjlol:
They better be careful before some nutcase dines on them. I'm not about that stranger in my house life #strangerdanger


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That's really a bad idea, St. Cloud cadaans really hate Somalis thanks to the qabribayax folks who ruined our name. They should've rented another space and did the discussion there, but I think it's a bad idea overral. One thing I hate is people pleaser.


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Wtf did I just read in this thread :williamswtf: This lady is doing y'all skinnies a favor, Needless to say the current situation in this country is reverting back to Jim Crow days.
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