9 year old gang raped in Hiiraan


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Subhanallah. May Allah ease her pain and destroy her assailants in the most painful way.


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This is absolutely heart breaking. My heart goes out to her.

Those who were responsible for this ordeal may Allah swt deal with them.
Hang him by the balls.

hang anyone who tries to defend him, or tries to solve this amicably by the balls as well.

Let's at least agree on zero tolerance policy on rape.
tragic, something needs to be done against these predators and rapists time to put Sharia to use instead of being hypocrites.
Bro these people have been killing each other for the past 28 years. Do you really think they would mind rape? May god be with these people
May God be with These Sharp Tooth Savages they try to compare to Somaliland when they have alshabaab and ISIS blowing up their citys :faysalwtf: makes no sense wallahi Rape is the last of their worries


Are the people in this thread okay? Subhanallah

How are you trolling in a thread about a gang rape of child? You seriously need help.


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