70 % chance your daughter will be a if you raise her in the West

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I have a second cousin who literally has the most perfect parents. They're both religious, educated, fluent in English and the father is an engineer that is active in his children's life whilst the mother is a housewife. Mum told me how a school friend of this second cousin of mine told her mother that she's a heavy drinker and has an Cadaan BF that she's in a long term relationship with me. Her parents then found out basically went mad and are talking about sending their other daughter who is about to start college to school in Carabta instead since she fears that she'll likewise turn into a hoe. BTW the second cousin is in her third year of university and is obviously older than me so it's not like I can talk to her or anything.

Basically, if you want to raise your daughters in the west then you're a cuck.
So you wouldn't mind watching some fat cadaan dude completely destroy your daughter and stretch her out

If that makes her happy no. Would you mind your son getting some pussey from a fat woman, of course not.

Also 70 % of married Somali men are over-weight anyways, at least she is with someone who got good credit :manny:
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