50 Somali words for Camel

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There's actually 46 but 50 has a nice ring to it :drakekidding:

aaran "young camels who are no longer sucklings"

abeer or ameer "female camel that has not given birth"

afkuxuuble "miscarried camel fetus"

awr "male pack camel"

awradhale "camel that always gives birth to he-camels; stud-camel that always breeds male camels"

baarfuran "female camel that is not used as a pack camel"

baarqab "stud camel"

baatir "mature female camel that has had no offspring"

baloolley "she-camel without calf that will or will not give milk depending on her mood"

buub "young unbroken male camel"

caddaysimo "unloaded pack camel; unpoisoned arrow"

caggabbaruur "lion cub; young camel"

cashatab "female camel that has stopped giving milk or failed to conceive when it was supposed to"

cayuun "camel sp."

daandheer "strong camel of the herd"

duq "old female camel; old woman"

dhaan "camel loaded with water vessels"

dhoocil "bull camel; naughty boy/girl"

farruud or qarruud "mature male camels; elders"

garruud "old male camels; old people"

geel "camel"

gool "fat camel"

guubis or guumis "first-born male camel"

gulaal "male camel unable to project the gland in his mouth; person with hesitant or stammering speech"

guran "herd of camels no longer giving milk that are kept far from dwelling areas"

gurgurshaa "calm, docile pack-camel which can be loaded with delicate items" [from gurgur "to carry things one by one"]

hal "female camel"

hayin "tame pack camel; [atr.] docile; [ext.] simple, uncomplicated"

irmaan "dairy camels"

kareeb "mother camel kept apart from her young"

koron "gelded camel"

labakurusle "two humped camel [lit. two-camelhump-er]"

luqmalliigle "young camel"

mandhoorey "lead ~ best camel in the herd"

nirig "camel foal"

rati "male camel"

qaalin "young camel"

qaan "young camel ~ camels"

qawaar "old she camel"

qoorqab "uncastrated male (camel etc.)"

qurbac "young male camel"

rakuub "riding camel (from Arabic)"

ramag or ramad "she camel who has recently given birth"

sidig "one of two female camels suckling the same infant"

tulud "one's one and only camel"

xagjir "milk-producing camel that is partially milked (two udders for human consumption; two for its calf)"


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@merka Why so many names? Does it have something to do with Dromedaries being domesticated in Somalia?
Probably. With so many camels there needs to be a way to differentiate between them.

My awoowe aun had 100s of camels and used to give each one their own name.
By 2030 40 of those words you listed will be forgotten.

90% of geeljire are fake like how drake thinks he is a gangster or NBA player :lol:

They spend 80% of their time chewing khat in nearest tuulo or town.

They send the poor kids to herd the camels. Can't tell the last time I saw my uncle herding a camel. Dude was watching the TV the whole day :dead:
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