40 Movie Stars back Emma Watson in supporting Palestine


supporting Palestine is starting to be like when Cadaan teens become socialist and campaign for Bernie sanders/Corbyn.

which means they're never gonna win and there'll be no meaningful progress made


Qabiil is the opium of the masses
supporting Palestine is starting to be like when Cadaan teens become socialist and campaign for Bernie sanders/Corbyn.

which means they're never gonna win and there'll be no meaningful progress made

South Africa’s apartheid campaign started off like that. Ironically Corbyn was an anti-apartheid campaigner himself.

But look, is South Africa an apartheid state?
Arabs. All arabs. No matter what they call their god, all arabs suck. I met one arab man once in 2003 that I did not intensely dislike. The rest of them are just shitty people.

I developed my prejudice starting in 1994. I was working at a casino in the VIP room dealing roulette, baccarat and black jack in an area with a large arabic population. These weren't muzzies, normies knew very little of islam back then. Most of these people were persians who left the middle east to escape Iran's sharia law in the late 70s and 80s. I hated these mother fuckers. They are so arrogant, misogynistic, and rude. Sure, chinese people are racist and misogynist too but they don't get in your face about it. And they don't cheat.

Arabs cheat. Or try too. Much of my job was keeping the 'habibis' from cheating. They just don't stop trying to take every advantage they can. One time at the big bac table a habibi placed 2 $100 chips beneath 3 $500 chips in his betting circle. I leaned over, snatched the 2 blacks from the bottom and threw them on top. "Sir, I am sure you are aware that the highest denomination must be on the bottom," I say and flash a smile. "f*ck you, you fucking woman! I have seven women even better than you at home. No fucking woman tells me what to do. I know s that are better than you....yada, yada, yada."

All the persian women hated me. I generally tolerated them though. One day while being verbally abused by a habibi woman another player asks me how I can stand such shit. I respond by explaining that if I were her I would despise me too. I have a great income, my own home and the only man I have to answer to is the casino. If I were her I would hate women like me too. I am everything she was never allowed to be. Independent and free. She fucking lost her mind. She screamed, hollered and demanded I be fired. When asked what I did or said she couldn't say anything but, "She thinks she's better than me."

After committing social infractions like the ones above I would get grounded. That means sent downstairs to pits 1 & 2 which are known collectively as "the inner city." That is where the giant black mommas take their buy in money from their bras reeking of black boob sweat. The language spoken is mostly ebonics. Every black man thinks he is smarter than you but can't do the simplest of gaming math. But decent black people do exist. Not in great numbers but they are out there. One day while grounded I am dealing roulette to a big momma who calls me ugly everytime I sweep her chips off the table, when I get tapped off. The pit boss tells me to go to the VIP room. I explain that she should check again because I am grounded. She says that they asked specifically for me and to go immediately without taking my scheduled break.

As I walk into the room I survey the scene. In a private blackjack table corner pit are two habibi men. They each have a giant pile of unstacked black chips in front of them and the cut card is out. The current dealer is merely mediocre and visibly sweating from the stress. The pit boss sees me and I motion to the table with my eyes. He nods. I tap off the dealer and begin the shuffle. I hear the supervisor behind me telling the out going dealer to take 40 minutes. I know what that means. That is how much time I have to clean this mess up. Just as I am finishing up the shuffle, one of the men's wife comes in. She says, "I need some money, we have no groceries." He takes a hundred dollar chip, throws it on the ground at her feet and says, "I told you never to bother me here". She picks up the chip and scurries away with her head down.

I put the 8 decks in the shoe, smile at the men and say, "Let's begin" I open with blackjack. Then 2 20s. Another blackjack. They are starting to squirm. I make a joke about getting all the bad hands out of the shoe early. Next hand dealer has 7, 12, 13, 16 and 21. And so it goes. By the end of that shoe I had all the blacks back. Security had to come and remove several stacks from my tray as it was over flowing. The second shoe I took all the big chips they had stashed in their pockets. The third shoe they each took out a $10,000 marker and I took most of that too. The dealer returned as I was shuffling the fourth shoe. The habibis were glad to see me go.

I went to the center pit to see the boss. He says, "I knew you were the right person for the job. You are a god." I reply with thanks and tell him I will take my roulette table back when I return from my double break. "Anything you want", he concedes.

You see, it is not the religion of peace that makes them awful. These were people who fled their homes because of the muzzies. They are all just horrible.

TL;DR Arabs are objectively the fucking worst and my prejudice is well-founded.