4 YEARS?!!!?!!!


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Sorry but that's pathetic four whole years? Did he have to study Bengali and get Bachelor's degree in it or something ?

If you find yourself in such a situation respect yourself and leave , chasing like a lost puppy is dehumanizing.



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That’s a whole Bachelors degree. 4 years being rejected, there’s something wrong black man to allow that for himself. No self respect. He easily could bag another wife from his culture.


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It's sad tbh. To seek validation and acceptance for 4 years has to be tumultuous and cruel process to go through. But she'll worship him, women from South East Asia are mostly submissive towards their husbands unlike sassy, ill-mannered, and ill-tempered negro females.


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Nigerians are considered the most successful Africans and it took him four years to cuff a Bengali.
They garaac timo jilic tings but the problem is when the **** is too macaan and they wanna settle down that’s when they run into trouble. It’s the same thing with Latinos and madows here. Most madows bashaal with Latinos but only few get to marry them.


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Why are there so many Somalis under this tweet about ajnabis :ohlord: you’d think they are millionaires with so much time on their hands


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