4 New Political Parties in Puntland Announced

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For the main purpose to rival Somaliland and give whatever government in Mogadishu an argument to tell the world to not accept somaliland followed by a bunch other fed states which put the aim in the coffin.

I'm not against Puntland, I love you lot immensely but claiming land based on clan lines is wrong especially when its already set in stone.

My Hope for Somali Nations AcceptSomaliland's Independence and begin a framework for a new relationship then create a new union of Somali States similar to that of the EU both Political & Economic that allows citizens of both the two to live work & do whatever they so please in both countries. then create a platform for business from both to trade with one another with ease.

Invest in Infrastructure (proper motorways like europe) Trains & Coaches (not shitty chinese buses:
Somaliland to assisst in Somalia's democratisation - despite its flaws their system was not made by westerners as they had no help setting up their system of government.

Ex - The Isaaq Wars 93 - 97 at the end they all laid down their arms and sat under the tree where know one can leave until peace is achieved should be replicated with the rest of Somali clans in Somalia with Isaaq elders moderating it until they create a system of government that works for everybody.

Once an organic system of government is made: a philosophy should be agreed between the two that no agriculture shall be imported once the groundwork has been laid where both countries together grow as much and even more to feed their people all type of grown food and sell the rest with farmers benefiting the most.

Begin talks with the people of the NFD / K5 & Djibouti make an transitional members of this union respecting their sovereignity and begin talks how to interconnect those countries to our Economic Block.

Somalia to withdraw from Arab League: as the "League of Somali Nations" is the sole union to be part of as it will sign tradeagreements with rest of the world to sell our products.

Become Self Sufficient in Agriculture /Renewable Energy & Water then startcreating industry then White Collar jobs.
Claiming land based on clan lines is wrong but basing it on drawn up colonial lines isnt? And Dhulbahante don't necessarily want to be pro Puntland either.


Somaliland has no natural resources. It will be a useless country. Somalia has significantly more natural resources.
Actually you are mistaken, there are a lot of resources in Somaliland. One of the main reasons Somalia doesn't want to Somaliland to secede is because of the potential resources in the region.

Gemstones and industrial minerals are abundant in Somaliland like Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Aquamarine, Opal and any kind of Garnet. It's believed there are industrial minerals like iron ore, Titanium, Aluminium etc. Somaliland is mostly unexplored when it comes to natural resources because of lack in transport infrastructure to actually handle these resources.

Someone said oil is going to be useless but it will become more expensive with time. Since Somaliland is a developing country, having oil will be of much need for the economy. Even if oil is globally very scarce there will still be a need for it somewhere..
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