4 Liyuu Boolis soldiers shot dead in Doolo


“I am an empathic and emotionally-aware person.

@Dalalos_ibn_Adali it seems like Beesha has taken revenge for the businessman who got killed months ago. We neither forgive, nor forget, ruthless execution style :wow:


Caabudwaaqdi wacneed ma Cilaanle ka timid
AUN to those who were killed, the killers are not known and Ugaaska has already quickly intervened he is now in Goohweyne.

I don't want to say its a revenge attack and even if it is, why do you think it is that specific one, they killed more than one business man they killed other including xoolodhaqoto.

Inshallah cooler heads prevails, Somalis do not like Liyuu, if anything I am shocked that there hasn't been a massive backlash since Iley was dethroned.


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