3 Somali hijabi models on the cover of Vogue Arabia (April 2019)

they look nothing special? this hijabi model trend need to end at least have unique beauty not look like average somalis
The modeling industry is led by and financed by old white perverts who turn on small boys. That's why the models are always flat chested flat butt anorexic females.. Who very much resemble small boys with their body frame.
its run by ******s and old perverts smh shady shit


Ina adeer.
Wifing some one is a long term investment. I wanna see her cooking skills and also what's under the hood before I put a ring on it :icon e smile:
Dhuuuuni waxid.
Women won't cook tasty meal for you unless you're already married. ina ader if you want free food stay at your momma's house.


Take the Poo to the loo
Arabs will claim you when you are successful or famous. Mo Farah and ilhan omar are arabs but poor Somali refugees in Arab countries are"abeed"
So if someone called me something i'm not and never was, should i then claim to be what that person is trying associate me with ?


Like Donald Trump, I like to be Spanked.
Let Them Eat Cake
Halima Aden, Ikram Abdi, and Amina Adan

Wow. I am just speechless. Who would have thought that our dark madoow Halima aden and her dark compatriots would end up in an Arabian Vogue magazine? I mean, can u imagine a poor average Saudi woman receiving her subscription magazine at home and seeing this invasion of dark energy???
Why do they make halima looks so ugly. She used to be pretty but the makeup they apply on her makes her look tired and chubby with a saggy face


Tbh she ain’t all that she aiiiight i’d give her a pass if I seen her on the roadside. I like my qalanjos with a little meat on them Just a little kuus. I also love my petite xalimos and how they are always horny ilahay ha nooo barakayo ameeeen dahaaa