23andMe DTC Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risk Test Misses Almost 90 Percent of BRCA Mutation Carriers

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i don't have boobs, i don't have ovaries.



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could they miss a lot in their DNA testing and just milk unsuspecting customers?

Break it down 4 us akhi.

Not when it comes to ancestry, that is far far easier to determine than disease risk which is still in its infancy as a research field.

Most diseases are polygenic involving many genes and there is the fact of convergent evolution causing traits or disease risk on completely different parts of the genome in different parts of the world. It's not as easy as you'd think.

For example, there are multiple different lactase persistence alleles, yet on 23andMe only the European-specific variant is listed. Something like this also happens with their disease risk alleles (too European-specific).
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