236 UN agencies and NGOS operate in Somalia

Highest number of water projects got implemented in Benadir and all kinds of other projects. Benadir seems to be eating well, the region with the lowest development projects done by UN agencies and NGOs is Middle Juba cause it is controlled entirely by Al shabab.



Ina libaax sanka taabte
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Theres a bunch of NGOs whose only goal is to make money on Somalias chaos

I wouldnt trust them
There's about half a dozen orgs, that monitor NGOs, not listed. It's absolutely disgusting, the aid money should not have to go through these pencil pushing vultures.

If you only knew how corrupt somalis are.

This is the issue would you rather have vultures who feed some scarps or beast who leave NOTHING.

If we fight corruption we will fight these NGO vultures away.
We have an iq below 60. What do you expect? We are being used for foreign assistance. Like a bunch of beggars when in fact the money goes to the most corrupt individuals!


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