2 Somali businessmen killed in South Africa, 30 killed so far in 2020 alone

I genuinely hope those AIDS riddled zulu animals get mowed down with a belt fed machine gun by Boer farmers. 2021 apartheid inshallah:pacspit:


everyone knows somali shop owners are getting killed in South africa

Why don't they open shops back home instead?
Yes tragedy happens everywhere and not only exclusive to Somali businesses anyone of different nationalities are prone to attack even South African white store owners get attacked.
You are kidding me, right?
What home are you talking about, is there a home to begin with , do you think I can operate my store in Mogadishu without getting blown to smithereens, you think I can sleep safely in my house without being harassed by mooryaans dressed in government suit,
there are reasons why we take risks waryaa!

We don't have a fucking country


Eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth, Somalis in SA should arm themselves, if you live among savages then be one as well or pack your baggage.
We are armed to to teeth and work side by side with security contracters , more effective than SAP(police) , I cannot speak of those in Johannesburg , they're either acquaintance of having arms or have pending residency/refugee statuses.

I have gained my arms license two years ago , have the rights to use necessary deadly force...
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