1st somali singer that can actually sing well


ᶜᵃʷᵒ ᶜᵃʷˡᵒ
I used to scroll whenever I saw his name , I thought at the time , he was another irrelevant Somali cringe artist , cmon with lil baliil and that doqon king CK I perceived all these wannabe gulled simbas as qashin I wasn't even a fan of him even king Khalid I wasn't a fan of him

I have stopped listening to Somali music and not a fan of the modern day garbage
I like the older ones but I haven't listened to it for a long time

I don't like it , I hate it , I can't stand it when it's played on loudspeaker , even at Somali weddings I'm only in for the saab and head out once I'm stuffed with cunto

I would look disgusted at the recommended videos, actually I've unsubscribe anything related to Somali music , Buuq and nonsense

Until one day , I was furious that this nigga has millions of view , I thought to myself what's amusing about him , why are xaliimos wetting their kastuumo for this guy , what does this guy have that I don't have , I was really angry and wanted to punch him through the screen

I clicked on the video,
Damn the brother is talented , melodic verses aren't bakhti but very catchy I'm more angrier at myself why I slept on his music

But still I'm not getting back to Somali music
Loool kulaha, Lil Baliil and King CK. You might as well include Fartuun Balbalaadhka and Mursal Faladagan on your list. Ninyahow, I feel kinda sorry for you reer konfureed Somalis, I heard Lil Baliil is a celebrity in kenya. :icon lol: :icon lol:

Damn, Is this guy really that good? I kinda want to listen to his song now. I have this weird rule about avoiding listening to fob singers in the West, they try way too hard to be ilbaxs, it's embarrassing to watch:shookgabre: The only singers I check out are the ones from back home, Xidigaha Geeska, Dayax Band etc.

I missed your @ :mjlol: :mjlol:

Instead of jao jao he needs to invest in proper meals:feedme: how can you live in the west and still look like you’re starving?:birdman:
Hmmm. Tbh, I can't make fun of the skinny Farahs 'cause anigu ba lafo isa sudhan baan ahay.:shookgabre:

But what I can't stand is the qolfoof + gadh combo. Ciil baa iga qabta, that stuff triggers my anger issues.:mugshotman:


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