19 year old Faarax crushing it on e-commerce with Shopify.

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Very motivating. The brotha has a bright future. Wish I was making 13K when I was 19 but I still got time shit. I better start putting in work
Is this even real? I seen these types of get rich quick scheme videos, person (A) makes u sign up for some shit and u basically try to sell the shit he's trying to sell, and in the process u recruit more ppl trying to sell Person (A)'s shit. What u end up with is 100 ppl that are all making Person (A) rich.

It's all #FakeNews, why would a guy making 6k everyday give his secrets online for free and make more competition for himself? It's a hustle sxb
Great kid and knows what he's talking about.

I bought an ecommerce store from www. empireflippers.com and will share the news with people who want to buy a business that's already running.


There's people who make more money from tutorials than thier own stores. I seen some people charging 1,000$ for a course. The craze is outstanding.

Go visit empireflippers and you will see the truth about ecommerce. Their YouTube has 1,600 subs and average 200 view per day. They interview people selling thier business, but they don't tell you the name of the site--only the niche. And guess what? Nobody wants to watch it because the get rich quick neefs are clicking headers like "I made a 20k today, learn more and buy my course for 1000$).

Go visit the link above and check out thier YouTube for anyone interested. Some are listed at 150k and have a monthly revenue of 25k with an average net profit for 3-4K/monthly

3-4K is a sweet return instead of putting 20% on a 500k home or condo, only to rent it and breakeven.

The truth about ecommerce is that people want quick cash and all the views and attention is going that way.

This is a topic I'm eager to discuss on the new series.
Not open for further replies.