130+ people from Fulani Muslim ethnic group killed in Mali after gunmen disguise as hunters

Those have mixed with people like the Dogon. The original Fulanis are a mixture of Senegambian and Berber and have lots of Hamitic/Afro-Asiatic ancestry.

Elite/true Fulanis look like those I posted above.
So they spoke a Berber language before they switched to a Niger-Congo one & mixed with west african Madows?


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So they spoke a Berber language before they switched to a Niger-Congo one?
Most likely a Senegambian group (related to the Wolof) who pushed northwards during the Green Sahara in the direction of Ancient Morocco, met Iberomaurusian and mixed with them, and then returned towards the Sahel as the Sahara dried up.

Fulanis despite living all the way in Sudan are from the Senegambia region originally:

fulanis r hated in west africa as they are the most dominant group of around 40m and live almost every country in the west,they also dominated nigerian politics and run that govt since independence ,great majority of top army brass are fulanis.large number blended with neighboring tribes but there are still many who somehow look like us. many west africans racist againest thm cos of their looks,same problem somalis have with blacks in general.mostly nomadic too.


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Dogon are fucking laangaab hoyaadood wasooyiin 400k to 800k estimate for an ethnic group fucking laangaab!!!!

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The problem is the filty french colonist looters who still never left these west african xoolos. Arming groups and supporting coups.


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It's a territorial dispute between herdsmen, who are mainly Muslim, and farmers, who are mainly Christian

There is no functioning state so it's an endless cycle of violence.

This isn't the first massacre.


The Fulanis also murdered a bunch of Christians over recent months
A bunch? negro please from what I read Fulanis are getting massacred and hardly commit a massacre back. They are very noble patient and laandheer.
AUN. Fulani's like Somali's make enemies everywhere they go. I hope they have better relations with their neighbors in the future.