🧵 on Saudi initiative in the UK

By Sheikh Hassan al Kettani (Morocco)

Scholars and organisations representing the interests of the Muslims have been entrusted to show people the religion. When they follow the Truth, which is the noble Quran and the purified Sunnah, they have fulfilled this trust.

However, when they mix truth with falsehood, they betray this amanah.

Among the falsehoods tyrants and their corrupt agents seek to promote in the East and the West are the concepts contained in the so-called “charter of Makkah”.

Under the guise of beautiful words, they promote the false belief of perennialism, support for tyranny, nationalism and normalisation with occupiers.

And scholars have already warned against its figurehead, Dr Muhammad Al-Issa, for his numerous positions in contradiction with our deen, including dilution of Tawhid, normalisation of Zionism and support of oppression against Muslims in France.

Allah the Most High says in surah Al An'am what can be translated as:

"And when you see those who enter into false discourses about Our communications, withdraw from them until they enter into some other discourse, and if the Shaitan causes you to forget, then do not sit after recollection with the unjust people."

To sit in a gathering where falsehood is spoken makes you part of it. It is incumbent on people of knowledge and organisations genuinely representing Muslims to shun and condemn such gatherings.

Rather, they should spread the truth of Tawhid with kindness and wisdom, stand against injustice, promote good and forbid evil, so that society can flourish and the blessings of Allah are not taken away from us.

The Prophet ﷺ said,

“By the one in whose hand is my soul, you must enjoin good and forbid evil, or else Allāh will soon send punishment upon you. Then, you will call upon Allāh and it will not be answered for you.” [Sunan al-Tirmidhi‌]

And Allah knows best

19 Sha’ban 1444


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