1. Kizaru

    Losing hope in somalis

    I was scrolling through twitter and saw a bunch of somalis praising savages who have killed thousands of somalis. The youth are going to see this and see other somalis as enemies and a threat. I just sat and wondered is there really hope for somalis? Like anything at all. Days go by and my hope...
  2. angelplan

    Empowerment of the Youth Night, One and one youth development

  3. Genesis

    The Youth of Somalia

    Somalia is an extraordinarily young country, with an average age of 18. This is the approximate breakup of the population 0-14 years: 42.87% (male 2,410,215 /female 2,416,629) 15-24 years: 19.35% (male 1,097,358 /female 1,081,762) 25-54...


    What do i do in hospital so i can keep busy I'm in a few toxic group chats that i dont want to use whilst in here. So no social media how do i keep myself busy?
  5. H

    Dhaqan Celis Madrasa ... or Major Fucking Scam

    Hi my name is Jasmin Osman Go ahead google me I might even go live on youtube and we can talk ... But first, shout them opinions I know there
  6. S

    Podcast for non-religious somalis is hereby launched, today's topic is why Somali leave islam

    Today we are discussing the results of the survey of non-muslim somalis and the differences between the religious and the non religious somalis My gaalo children are awaking:lawd:
  7. A


    How is someone like Rageh Omar who isn't even living amongst the Somali community spitting facts like this 10 years ago and no one cared or thought what he had to say was important.
  8. Buraanbur911

    Who got fucked up in dugsi?

    I was just reading this instagram post and went down memory lane. My dugsi experience went from the know my ashaar got my iqra on me everyday to don't give a f*ck what you say macaalin. I was loved by all the macaains i was that cute innocent girl who everyone thought of as smart till i met...
  9. Buraanbur911

    Hey Girls!! - xasidnimo from other girls

    hello to those guys who are peeping through the womens spot as well. Anyways this spot isn't as active as the other ones so i was like might as well post something. I was just wondering have you guys realised within the somali community we can be actually so xasid to each other and not want...
  10. Buraanbur911

    Why are some Somali guys awfully awkward?

    I’ve actually noticed this uncomfortable trend of awkwardness of Somali boys once they hit puberty don’t see this in other ethnic background a lot explain in your own words why ? 10 marks.
  11. Duchess

    Documentary on the reintegration of previously incarcerated Somali-Canadian youth

    “The Bridging Project” is a qualitative research project advancing knowledge of the experiences, barriers, challenges and successes of previously incarcerated self-identifying Canadian Somali youth. This documentary is an introduction into the project featuring service providers, community...