xaliimo boot camp

  1. Toriye

    Date a girl with more muscle than you?

    Would you date a girl with more muscles than you? I know this xalimo that goes to the gym way more than she should. I get the creeps when she looks at me man. Why would they do this to their beautiful bodies?? This straight up looks like a man right here :nahgirl:
  2. Odkac WRLD

    Finally a sane man kkk

    How long mans been saying this lmao But a non virgin man better stfu and accept a used wife horta
  3. D

    My Xalimo crisis boot camp

    A guide for femcels to turn them into a princess from a frog. Do not be a misandrist and be respectful to men. Stop abusing the makeup. Somali women usually stink with their stained skirts and baati, uff. Invest in perfumes, please. Stop slandering and complaining about Somali men just...