writing system

  1. JudgeJoeGorilla

    Do Any Of You "Journal" Or Have A Diary?

    Journaling has done wonders for me. I structure my paragraphs when I journal, but I write what comes to mind. :damedamn:
  2. Maintainnnin

    Evidence of Ancient Somali Writing Systems

    I've been struggling to come across documented images of the sites noted to contain undeciphered symbols or scripts in Somalia. There is a paragraph commenting on some sites and artifacts which contain an ancient Somali script published by the Somali Ministry of Information in 1974 below. "An...
  3. haramcadd

    LANGUAGE Have you ever heard of the Osmanya script?

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osmanya_script The Osmanya script (Somali: Farta Cismaanya; Osmanya: ), also known as Far Soomaali ("Somali writing") and, in Arabic, as al-kitābah al-ʿuthmānīyah, is a writing script created to transcribe the Somali language. It was invented between 1920 and 1922...