1. Calaami

    Gaylan Media loading his second HOF interview

    I can’t hate on Gaylan, I love seeing Somali brothers win financially. His next interview will be with Gen Asad Cismaan Diyaano, very excited to hear this. Will y’all tune in?
  2. SuldaanCabdicaziz

    Strangest moments in your life

    What are some of the most absurd, laughable moments you've had in life. I think for me it any of these: >seeing Gen Morgan at chew sesh in Nairobi apartment area with some naago >noticing ppl taking actual full showers at Liido > seeing a 70+ yr old man in Galkaayo with a fat qori, clip...
  3. Karim

    (Hilarious) XALIIMO beats the shit out of White Boy!!

  4. MaqaneJooge

    PUNTLAND Puntland Factories, Innovations and Industry Thread

    Bosaso Boat Factory :obama:
  5. O

    This lander sister knows what's up

    Brothers @TheUnderTaker @Hemaal @merka @waraabe and others let's rejoice and praise this sister:rejoice:
  6. Crop

    What did you eat for breakfast? Be real

    I need ideas:damnmusic: