1. SuldaanCabdicaziz

    Strangest moments in your life

    What are some of the most absurd, laughable moments you've had in life. I think for me it any of these: >seeing Gen Morgan at chew sesh in Nairobi apartment area with some naago >noticing ppl taking actual full showers at Liido > seeing a 70+ yr old man in Galkaayo with a fat qori, clip...
  2. MaqaneJooge

    PUNTLAND Puntland Factories & Innovations Thread

  3. O

    This lander sister knows what's up

    Brothers @TheUnderTaker @Hemaal @merka @waraabe and others let's rejoice and praise this sister:rejoice:
  4. Crop

    What did you eat for breakfast? Be real

    I need ideas:damnmusic: