world bank

  1. JamalFarah

    I got response: I send a letter to the WB regarding the screenshots about the (supposed) failure of the FGS to send an audit report.

    @_Yusuf_ I did promise to tag you! Last week's threads were posted, showing screenshots of a stern warning letter sent from the World Bank to the Federal Government of Somalia regarding a missing audit report. To refresh your memory, I'll attach the screenshot. I took the opportunity and sent...
  2. Pastoralist

    Hassan sheikh 2025 electricity act. Most ambitious initiative.

    This is in partnership for the world bank and is one of the most ambitious things our president is attempting. -prioritizing electricity for all Somalis no matter where -there will be a complete overhaul of the current system which privatizes electricity. -electricity to rural areas (badiyo)...
  3. Pastoralist

    RIP debt forgiveness. More resignations.

    first the finance minister now these guys. It’s better we don’t get debt forgiveness if it’s going to the wrong places. Money to build schools would somehow end up being used to buy property in Kenya.
  4. kickz

    World Bank approves $137.5 million for Somalia

    Debt relief beginning to pay off. :win: