white women

  1. Smif-N-Wessun

    Kenyaati Serial Killer Smothers Old Cadan Women

    Billy Kipkorir Chemirmir is a 50-year-old Kenyan murderer and suspected serial killer accused of the murders of elderly women in Dallas, Texas and its surrounding suburbs. As of June 2022, Chemirmir has been indicted for 22 murders The victims ages ranged from 76 to 94. Top row: Catherine...
  2. The Somali Caesar

    White chick purchased a black man

    I know it's role play/kinky but is the punani that good to degrade yourself like that? I bet she calls him Niggèr with the hard R, when they're having sex :susp: :mjlol: https://youtube.com/shorts/V9JRM53czIM?feature=share
  3. The Somali Caesar

    White girl feels latina

    White girl wants to be exotic so bad. I feel Latina on the inside kulaha :camby::mjlol:
  4. Odkac WRLD

    Waawarey this clip has me in stitches!

    Brother @Jimmer has made an official press release and the verdict is abundantly clear: apparently cadaan women our the future. What are our thoughts? :wow1: