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  1. Maverick 2.0

    I've Tried Weed For The 1st Time

    Walahi I enjoyed every second of it, waan la yaabay sida ay u macaanayd. Very Relaxing, like I was floating on my bed. :ahh: :ahh: The only reason most of you guys on here don't try it is because your religion is against it. Before the pious SSpot members judge me and say, "your going to...
  2. Manafesto

    Who likes to smoke Marijuana beside me?

    I have been smoking weed since I was a little(15-16), After 15 years of smoking Marijuana I am still in love with this tree and I will not stop untill I die, do we have stoners on here, don't be scared Nayaa or Waryaa, half of Somali teenagers in the diaspora consume marijuana on the regular but...