1. Manafesto

    EU convenes an emergency meeting between Somaliland President & opposition parties following an intense political crises in the breakaway region

    EU convenes an emergency meeting between Somaliland President, opposition parties https://www.somalidispatch.com/latest-news/eu-convenes-an-emergency-meeting-between-somaliland-president-opposition-parties/
  2. Manafesto

    Somaliland Government Arrests Opposition Politician following a meeting he had with the Somaliland President asking him to work with the government

  3. DRACO

    Tribal supporters of Somalia's President Farmaajo are praying to Allah that ...

    H.E. Abdirahman Abdishakur does not get elected as President of Somalia in 2021 :chrisfreshhah::pachah1::dead:. Have you noticed that Darood Nationalist fear this man more than they fear Allah ?:deadrose: All of the main shegaatos on this site fear him too. Like the fool who has been...
  4. L

    Rest in Power, Aabe Siyaad, The Lion of Africa!

    Rest in Power, Aabe Siyaad, The Lion of Africa! http://www.jaallesiyaad.com/english/when-siad-barre-took-over
  5. Cumar

    Explosive new Interview with Former General Secretary of Wadani Party

    Abdilaahi Uurcade who was the former General Secretary of Wadani party until his recent dismissal gave an exclusive interview to a Universal TV reporter in its Hargeisa studios. Uurcade gives his side of the story in the current struggle between the different factions in the higher echelons of...
  6. Mohsin

    Borama rises federal Flag, Burco and Hargeisa in fierce Fighting

    I witnessed fighting in New Hargeisa to night at 19:00 Borama rises Somalia Federal Blue flag Burco in fighting
  7. Mohsin

    Somaliland Police Open Fire on voters in Togdheer region 2 dead

    Police tried to disperse voters in Waddani strong hold Togdheer region at least 2 people dead. Waddani Politicians were arrested
  8. Mohsin

    Ismaiil yare trashes warmonger Muse Bihi and Siilaanyo in powerful speech

  9. Mohsin

    KULMIYE warmonger swear to start war at Berbera somaliland

    One of the KULMIYE warmongers swear and promised to start war at Berbera if any body call Muse Bixi a war monger
  10. HuunoHunter

    The only solution for the Somali people is to be ruled by foreigners.

    This wadani couldn't have said it better...
  11. M

    Kulmiye's Privatisation of National Assets

    Berbera Fuel Depot - Privatized and bidding is underway. Berbera Port - Stalled. Berbera Cement Factory - Failed due to local opposition. Hargeisa Airport - Not privatized. Wadani has been the main opposition to privatization of national assets both locally and in parliament however the fuel...