1. Calaami

    How will TPEC approach border towns…

    Fellow Puntites please come in, As we know diwaangelinta for Sanaag and Nugaal are in full swing, and the next gobol that will be registered will be Mudug. Major cities in Mudug like Buursalax and Goldogob have large segments of their population that may work or live in Doollo - DDS for large...
  2. Invader

    Sultanates/Kingdoms or Republics.

    If the scramble for Africa never took place would you support a Sultanate of your qabil only. And one day we would become a federation sultanates like the UAE. We all know colonialism was the reason why we are in turmoil right now. So would it be smart if we reverted back to the old ways and...
  3. Enlightenednomad

    Vote now

    Very interesting poll result with the dameer winning by a landslide.:icon lol: Let's do our own SSPOT version. If an election were to be held for the highest office in Somalia between these two candidates, who would you vote for? Option A: Or Option B:
  4. Xooshdheere

    "Somaliland" Presidential candidate Muuse Biixi getting high on drugs.

    He represents the disgrace separatists are to the entire Somali race.
  5. Prince Abubu


    Is basically like joining a club with high monthly premiums but zero perks.:ohlord:
  6. M

    LIVE: UK Parliament debating Syria bombing vote