1. 486th President

    Virgin Male 486th President VS Chad Female 486th President

  2. 486th President

    Chad 486th President VS Virgin Revolutionary

  3. Prettymuslim94

    Marry modest Virgin Atheist or Muslim sleeper(30 bodies)

    I always wonder do men really value virginity, so much they would rather marry an Atheist instead of a woman who is a Muslim.
  4. AarHawd_7

    Faaraxs would you every marry a Xaliimo whos a non virgin??

    Would you marry a girl who has had sexual intercourse before?? Niggaz that marry non virgin woman are pussies with no self respect to be honest
  5. TheMadMullah

    My Cousin divorced his wife 4 days into their wedding and he is PISSED OFF!

    I just got a call from my cousins younger bro and he told me his brother divorced his wife only 4 days into their marriage (4 fucking days). Let me break it down for you guys ! So my cousin is a petroleum engineer and got married in Qatar to this xalimo who moved from the U.K. Who is an English...