1. Sultan A. Sheikh

    Possibility of a Greater Somalia ?

    What’s the possibility of a Greater Somalia - a Somali Republic merging all the FGS & FMS (Puntland, Jubaland, Somaliland etc.) along with the occupied land in Ogaden seeing as Ethiopia will become the next Yugoslavia and also the Northern Eastern region in Kenya?
  2. D

    A Pathway to Intra-Sunni Theological Unity

    With the name and praises of Allah, the All-Knower, the All-Wise Summary of Main Points Sectarianism is forbidden in Islam, yet various groups emerged relatively early in Islamic history. In response, the Companions (ر) and their followers (who represented orthodoxy) remained steadfast on...
  3. L

    Say NO to

    Being qabilist. This sounds funny coming from me but how do we seriously think one qabil is better than another? Being from a particular qabil shouldn’t make you feel better than someone else. This shit is what destroyed our country, we need stop seeing everyone and everything through the “qabil...
  4. Automaton

    Federalism was Created by the Previous Ethiopian Gov to Devide Somalia.

    https://www.thesstar.com/thats-a-bygone-era-somalias-federal-system-died-with-tigrayan-rule-in-ethiopia-2/ Divided Somalia cannot rise because they are busy fighting among themselves, like the wars between the federal states. Few elite "people" benefit while the rest are blindsided by this...
  5. Juuqbuuqluuq

    Why support a "United Somalia"?

    What incentivizes Somalis to blindly support a "United Somalia"? It's either one of two, Either pure emotions, this is growing up learning Somalis are one, and that crap. Or, your qabiil interests and having your qabiil stuck to the union so you blindly support what they do. Both of those...

    Sahle-Work Zewde becomes Ethiopia's first female president

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/world-africa-45976620 Good on Ethiopia. Get rid of the despotic fat male elders and let the women clean up the mess (no pun intended :siilaanyolaugh:). Women tend to take a less militaristic stance when it comes to politics so maybe Ms Zewde will help ease...
  7. chosen one

    BREAKING: UK representative to the UN says she support the FGS

  8. chosen one

    BREAKING: UAE foreign affairs minister says we support one somalia

    can someone translate? :lolbron: