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  1. Velœcity

    BREAKING: China is calling for an end of the arms embargo imposed on Somalia!

  2. Manafesto

    How the United Nations Doomed Somalia into Becoming a Warzone - Untangling Insurgency & Intervention in Africa

    Informative documentary that sheds light on United Nations creating more problems within Somalia rather than tangling the exiting one.
  3. Manafesto

    Recognition Misfit team of Somaliland Dr Edna and SL Finance minister denied entrance into the UN HQ meeting in New York after they show up Uninvited

    I don't even think there is something more embarrassing and humiliting than these SL old heads making fool out of them selves, what they gonna do next sit out side the UN building with a bowl for pennies? Why don't they just go to Mogdishu and sit down with the FGS instead, I am pretty sure...
  4. Rooble44

    Black US Dollar Bills

    So my cousin called me last night to tell me about boxes of Dollar Bills he found in Afgooye, worth 25 Million US dollars. So naturally I got really happy thinking I can finally stop sending this nigga money. And then he follows that with "The Bills Have Anti-Theft Coating on them, they need a...
  5. embarassing

    NEWS UNSOM Special Rep on Somalia's situation & elections

  6. Cumar

    Abdulrahim Abby Farah passes away at the of age 98 (AUN)

    Very sad day for the Somali community. Abdulrahim Abby Farah was probably the most accomplished and decorated Somali Diplomat, he passed away in his New York home today at the age of 98. Born in the town of Barry, Wales to a Somali family originally from Berbera, his storied diplomatic career...
  7. Cumar

    Michael Keating on Whirlwind Trip of Somalia, meeting with Regional leaders and stakeholders

    Last couple of days he has been travelling throughout the country, meeting with the FGS, Federal State presidents and regional stakeholders.