1. H

    When will this humiliation end???

  2. H

    Trans "woman" trying to join my gym

    Allah hoogeey, I was dreading the day a he-she would make an appearance at yet another women's only space :jcoleno: The manager was talking to he/she/whatever it is when i left, hopefully she doesn't let the abomination join in. The other members looked disgusted as well. Tranny looked around...
  3. R

    Women with armpit hair

    How do you guys feel about women with armpit hair?
  4. Xooshdheere

    bantu twitter

    "I wonder what Bantu twitter is up to nowadays" (idk what I expected tbh)
  5. T

    It Grinds my Gears when.....

    vent all your frustrations here: it grinds my gear when people don't turn off their mobile phones in mosque!