1. S


    I miss being on airplanes.
  2. strawberrii

    Travel pictures

    Even though we’re all stuck inside our houses right now, let’s dig up some old travel pictures to post. I’m sure you guys have some nice photos somewhere, right?
  3. Cilmi-doon

    The continental African passport promised to roll out in 2020 can only improve mobility in Africa

    It’s still up in the air whether the African Union can keep its promise to deliver a continental passport by the end of the year. The travel document would allow visa-free travel between the Union’s 55 member countries. The potential economic impact is huge. Recently-released data show that...
  4. Odkac WRLD

    Xalimos and traveling alone

    Let me start off by saying this is not a gender war I just needed some clarification.... I am aware that in majority of Islamic countries it’s either frowned upon or straight up not okay for young unmarried ladies to travel internationally on their own. Personally I could care less about the...
  5. queenofwaresengli

    Travelling to PL

    So, I'm travelling to Bossaso& ( a few other cities) in June/July but it'll be my first time without my family && I've been there 3 times before so it's not my first time loll idk what to expect travelling by myself through Dubai&& Bossaso airport because I've been told u can tell I'm not from...