1. B

    Help! Mental health document translation

    Salaam everyone! I am translating some documents for my workplace (which offers therapy for people with mental health difficulties) into Somali and would like some support to translate these sentences. My hope is that the documents can be understood by people from all parts of the country...
  2. JackieBurkhart

    I just found this website.......

    @backgroundISneeded, what do you think? It seems like a good website page for Somali words, but I wanted your opinion. *If you click on the Somali word, it provides an example of the correct pronunciation.
  3. D

    I need someone to translate this to somali real quick lol

    My somali is horrible but I do understand.. Google translate doesn't translate well so I need someone to translate this to Somali for me: " I don't remember the first day we met but maybe you were quite mean and rude" Thanks in advance