top 5 best thread

  1. Odkac WRLD

    This was the best rap album of 2019 + REVIEW before you clown me, hear me out. When I first listened to this, I was like damn this shit kind of ass. several listens later I’m telling you this was hands down the best hip hop/rock album of 2019 (Polo G’s Die a Legend is a very close second) REVIEW TIME We start the album off with...
  2. I

    who am i

    it was a crisp cool september morning. woke up around 5 am to get ready and dandy for my job as HR boot licker. took a shit at 5:18am. felt up my a cups after. brushed teeth and left the house without my pants. got a text and a snapchat from my bestie xalimo ilko gaduud. i knew i was late...