1. Calaami

    How will TPEC approach border towns…

    Fellow Puntites please come in, As we know diwaangelinta for Sanaag and Nugaal are in full swing, and the next gobol that will be registered will be Mudug. Major cities in Mudug like Buursalax and Goldogob have large segments of their population that may work or live in Doollo - DDS for large...
  2. F

    Love is Blind

    It was very entertaining and better than a lot of other reality tv shows. Much better than the Bachelor and Love Island. I enjoyed it. What did you think? Did you like it? Who’s your favourite couple?
  3. Aden Ciisman

    Late night thoughts

    I keep having this dream that the world is making a turn and people start listening more to each other instead of screaming at one another, but than I wake up and check the news and another school shooting, terrorist attack, a child killed by his parents for being gay. It gets harder everyday to...