1. 486th President

    Future SSPOT Theory

    If we look at the top reaction scores it’s people that are barely active and only post a couple times a day this leads to people that are active to rule over I’ve only been here since September and your boy is at 4.9K Asli has been here since August and she has 10K The future of SSPOT is the...
  2. Golden

    What happens next?

    Recent events have made me think of where the Horn is headed- reconciliation, all out ethnic war or some half-assed ‘peacetime’ conjured up by politicians who only think of the money being stuffed up their behinds on the regular. I wonder if this Abiy is bringing in the change needed or if he’s...
  3. supz

    The Theory of Morphic Resonance.

    This is the idea that morphogenetic fields work by imposing a set pattern on random or indeterminate pattern of activity. In layman terms this means that the laws in nature are constantly evolving and were not defined during the inception of the universe. Dr. Rupert Sheldrake believes that if...
  4. M

    Do you accept the theory of evolution?

    Animals and plants evolved over millions of years from simple organisms into more complex organisms. Yes or no.