1. CaliTedesse

    Weird thing about North Africans

    Especially Moroccans and Algerians and Tunisians. I noticed among their Berber speaking population, the ones that speaks Arab don't regard themselves as Berber anymore and distance themselves from the Berber umbrella. Imagine a Somali who speaks Arab denouncing he is Somali and he is Arab. Shit...
  2. CaliTedesse


    The new lion king trailer
  3. Waxwaalan

    Acudubillah! Highly likely Madagascar plague could reach Eastern Africa,later the rest of the world

    Cases of the plague have spiraled by 37 per cent in less than a week, data shows The World Health Organization now states that there are 1,801 suspected cases At least 127 deaths have been recorded, but experts warn this could also rocket "The deadly plague epidemic that has rocked the island...
  4. Prince Abubu

    Africa's Elite Are Plundering Their Countries

    Panama Papers: Africa's elite are plundering their countries A new report based on the Panama Papers reveals how Africa's politicians, generals and business leaders are systematically siphoning off billions of dollars and parking the money offshore.
  5. Waxwaalan

    This guy shut somali social media down

    The title was a bit much huh :trumpsmirk: This guy is so cute :rejoice: He has a crush on somali singer halimo gobaad & plastered her name on his car. :liberaltears: There's nothing like a cute & charming somali man with a nice smile (leave his ilko caas alone) & he's from burco so that's a...
  6. John Michael

    Somali aabo pimping out his daughter

  7. dr.leorio

    Somalis vs African Americans?

    Somali girl calls into YouTube channel complaining about why A.Americans are treating her badly at her job. I'm not sure why Somalis care what mathows think about them but the guys response was very weak in my opinion. What do ya'll think?
  8. black

    Beautiful women appreciation thread

    Here's a little something to help you get over heartbreak. :mjpls: @crudetruth @Araman @ductape
  9. DrippinglyWet

    Cushtic Race is doomed if we continue this path.

    One single bantu country will have a bigger population that all of the Horn, many of tthe other 30 or so Bantu country will also individually will have populations exceeding 100s of millions :damn: Horners and even N africans will be placed in the UN Critically endangered list if this...