tallgeeljires. shortgeeljires

  1. Odkac WRLD

    Are you under 20 years old and interested in getting taller?

    Yoga yes, yoga. Beginning of 12tg grade alhamdullilah I was 6’1. I was pretty sure I was done growing, and 6’1 is an admirable height but I wanted to be 6’6 :mjlol: I picked this gym elective Yoga cause it seemed easy and there would be a lot of cadaan girls there. BIG WIN!:chrisfreshhah: all...
  2. M

    OFFCIAL CENSUS. Vote which height range you are in!

    I don’t want to see no lies. State your true height. we seem to have a bunch of 6ft plus Somalis here and I know for a fact half of you be like 5’5 or something. No height-shaming allowed ladies and gentlemen. let’s see how tall - or how short- the Somalis are.
  3. K

    What's The Average Geeljire Height?

    What do u think is the average Somali male height in your opinion? :yacadiim: