1. Waaqo of Punt

    The spirituality and love of Sufis Beautiful piece.
  2. Eru Ilúvatar

    Different ways of connecting with Allah

    Dfferent ways sufis around the world connect with Allah. Chechnya: Turkey: Somalia/Somaliland:
  3. tesfey67n

    Atheism is bullshit, change my mind

    any atheists on here want to debate? Seems like not many atheists stepped forward and challenged my info, dont hide behind your screens. I had a discussion with @Kafir but even he was avoiding some topics, But still, I will give him respect for speaking out. we will speak about the concept of...
  4. ethan bradberry

    Why do salafis hate sufis?

    I've noticed that salafis don't like sufis, some of them even claim sufis commit biddah.