1. Manafesto

    My Communist dad

    He wasn't the worst kind of father and he spent a lot of time with us. I just find his personality to be really annoying and his parenting style to be really bad. Aside from the fact that he is just really negative all the time (always complaining about some inconsequential nonsense, and...
  2. Genesisx72

    Best haircut/styles for Somali guys?

    I was wondering what type of haircut should I get, and what type of hairstyle do you think looks good for a Farax? :hmm:
  3. Balqisa


    I'm thinking of switching my style up from the usual black abaya . Should I rock this style or do you guys have other fashion advice? Leave your suggestions
  4. L

    What do you think of the traditional Somali style?

    This one is exclusive to Garre Somali's Small microbraids were very common This particular hairstyle was known as the Fuzzy Wuzzy by the British. The Beja's of Sudan are known for it. Putiing subaag (ghee/butter) in your hair was very common back then as well The epitome of traditional...
  5. D

    How would you discipline your future kids?

    With a cable and hanger?