1. IftiinOfLife

    Stop paying "Odayaasha", my solution to saving Somalia

    Every time I go to Africa, I always see useless Odaayasha, taking money from the Youth and hard working adults ( mostly women),only to speak about how to make life easier for "Odayaasha" Since my Revelation a few years ago, I stopped all payments to useless odaayasha and only fund non...
  2. DrippinglyWet

    At What age should you have Children in this day and age?

    I was thinking around 22-24 the first one comes out then have one ever 1,5 year till your around ~33, hitting a 60 million population around 2040 is a must for our nation:westbrookswag: Whats your opinion?
  3. Nin xun

    It's time to stop

    No more, it's time to fucking stop. I'm saying this as someone who've been guilty of it in the past. :manny: Stop the fucking derailing of threads, one or two posts of banter is usually of no problem but this, this is too much; when the pages of unrelated shit either almost equals or dwarfs...