1. D

    What are the positive stereotypes about the different clans?

    I've seen lots of negative ones like Darod's beat their women, Isaaqs look down on everyone else, and southerners are too soft (not sure how to split it upinto different clans)
  2. Benjamin

    How do you face stereotypes, prejudice & discrimination

    I was wondering how my follow somalis face this problem everyday today life. As a mixed person I may not appear looking fully somali, so it's harder for people to stereotype me. I had some people that just didn't want anything to do with me after telling them my background. Some girls didn't...
  3. Madara x

    Medieval Propaganda: In the middle ages, what did Arabs and Europeans say about Africans & Africa?

    Greetings fellow Somali's, The answer to the question that I've mentioned in the thread-title, has been presented in section 2.0 of my "New world order" video presentation series. Please watch the section below, and give me some feed back on my youtube channel and on this thread... “If you...