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  1. Manafesto

    Somaliland administration planning to set up another tribal adherence meeting in Widhwidhb tomorrow for Sool tribal chiefs similar to Ceerigaabo one

    This is latest news I am hearing from both loyak and SL hardliners, they are pulling the same trick they did in Ceerigaabo last month with Sanaag's elite tribal cheifs, the whole puprosed of this stunt is to have the Sool elders and cheifs take pictures while the SL flag is in the background...
  2. Manafesto

    Secret recording between Faysal Waraabe and SSC supporter

    @BoqorkaChess's people getting trashed again by Faysal Waraabe.:mjkkk: 2:13 "Laangaab baad tahay, you can't even build an NGO yet alone a FMS state, you have always been ruled by us and you need to be ruled".:ohlord: