1. Manafesto

    Which of these Circumstances would you Forgive and let your Spouse get away Cheating on you?

    Why forgive a cheater?:pacspit: There's no need to forgive someone that cheats. I've never cheated on a girl, I've never felt the need to, and I've never had to fight any urge to do so. I've dumped a girl to date other people, but it's not that hard to have some type of integrity and not...
  2. 486th President


    What is the ideal partner or rather what do you find in a spouse I’ve heard lots of back and forth but I would like to know serious answers only Here’s what I find as the ideal spouse 🥰 Funny Charming Chill Knows how to cook Has a personality Athletic Shorter than me by 2 inches or a bit more...